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2023 spring refresh project

do you know a family in need of a furniture refresh?

We have partnered with local realtor, Karissa Winstead, to give back to our local community by gifting our services to a family in need! This year our Refresh Project will consist of a Furniture Refresh! We will be offering up our services to one lucky family to refresh a piece of furniture in your home.

Deadline to enter: May 31, 2023

Click here to check out last year's Refresh Project!


To Enter:

-The person nominated must be in Tri-Cities area

-Homeowner(s) must be okay with being on camera, as well as the furniture/project and room the furniture will be in being filmed and posted to the internet

-Submit 3 photos of the furniture you'd like to have refinished. The service/labor will be no charge.

-Tell us why you (or your nominee) should be chosen for the Refresh!

-Must be 18 or older to enter

-All submissions should be sent to


If you don't have furniture you need Refreshed right now but want to get involved, we are taking donations.

Please contact us directly via email if you're interested in donating items to the family in need.

We are accepting home related items such as furniture and home décor..

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