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"I've had friends who paid hundreds of dollars for Pinterest 1-on-1 coaching and they never came out of it with this much information! The way Celia writes is like talking to your best friend as she walks you through the steps. Fun, easy to follow, and excellent tips and tricks that anyone at any level can understand! ...well thought out and has been a wonderful resource to me. I thought I understood Pinterest quite well, however, Celia broke it down piece by piece and I realized there is so much information I didn't even know about! So many hidden gems inside!"


"Being a Pinterest Creator myself, it was great to see all the insights and strategies that Celia had to offer regarding how to maximize the Creator Rewards to get the best bang for your buck."


"I'm quite impressed with the Pinterest Creator Guide by Sodini House! Having only minimal experience and basic knowledge of Pinterest, I wanted to learn more so that I Can monetize my account in the future. The Pinterest Creator Guide provided helpful tips on content creation and Idea Pins and a step-by-step guide to apply what you've learned. I especially appreciate the tips on maximizing revenue as it gives you recommended  strategies and tips, which I found very helpful as a beginner. I highly recommend Pinterest Creator Guide to anyone interested in monetizing their Pinterest account!"


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