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Niko's Italian Dressing Pot Roast


Large Roast


Kinder's Prime Rib Rub

Good Season's Italian Dressing

Baby Carrots

1 Sweet Onion

Red or Russet Potatoes

This CROCK POT is the BEST!

1. Season large roast with Kinder's prime rib rub, one packet of Good Season's Italian Dressing, and cracked pepper.

2. Sear roast over high heat for 2 1/2 minutes on each side

3. Move to crock pot, cover and cook on high for 2 hours

4. After 2 hours, flip roast. Cut whole, sweet onion in half, and place both halves on top of prime rib. Cook for another 2 hours on high.

5. Move onion over to side, flip prime rib. Place halved potatoes around edge and cook for another 2 hours.

6. Add baby carrots, cook another 2 hours.


Sincerly, Neeks

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