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Kitchen Reno- Part 2 (CABINETS)

Now that we have a game plan of what we are doing, we need to measure the space and order the cabinets ASAP. Since they take a few weeks to come in, we wanted to place the order before we even started demo. Here is what it looked like at that point.

We went with RTA Cabinets because we had a friend who had ordered from them multiple times and he could speak for the quality.

We ordered 3 different samples:

We ended up going with the Gunnison Gray color. They will also give you a Sherwin Williams color code for any cabinet color you choose, that's how we painted the range hood to match perfectly. When we ordered, the range hood only came in white.

The tall cabinet to the far left is our pantry. We were a little disappointed to not be able to fit a walk-in pantry, but the old kitchen had a similar cabinet here and it worked so we stuck with that similar design.

To keep the clean/simple look, I decided to move the microwave into the pantry. We went with this LG microwave because it's small enough to fit the space, but big enough for all of our plates.

RTA cabinets has so many options of different styles of cabinets to choose from, we were able to add a TON of storage with this Lazy Susan cabinet we added to the corner of the new peninsula.

I hope this helps you in your cabinet purchase!

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