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Kitchen Reno- Final Budget/Costs

Ok, so here we get into all the details of our total cost for the kitchen.

Countertops: $6000 - We chose a high end quartzite, hard to maintain- wouldn't recommend

Cabinets: $5000 - Ready to assemble from RTA Cabinets - See this blog post for more

Appliances: $5300 - We went with this LG suite - (Prices are a little inflated right now compared to what we payed) (Fridge, Range, Microwave, Dishwasher)

Farmhouse Sink: $750 - I returned my Louboutin's for this!

Brizo Faucet: $620 - A splurge, I love the look but did not hold up as expected - wouldn't recommend

Hardware: $200 - See this blog post for more - love these!

Open Shelving: $500 - SO happy with these!

Lighting: $1000 - See this blog post for more - very happy with all of these!

Misc (backsplash, moving gas, line, replacing entire ceiling, adding outlets): $3000

Total Spent: $22,370

Ok so, a little over the original budget we had planned for (ok, a lot over). But in the end I will say it was all worth it!

Most people (and ours too) main concern when doing a renovation is "how am I going to pay for this?"

For the majority of DIY reno's you need cash in hand. You can save a TON of money this way. People and companies (think countertop stores, electrician, plumber if you need one, etc) like cash and will usually give you discounts.

Like us, you probably want to avoid credit card debt at all costs. So you can choose to finance 0% through Home Depot for large purchases (appliances) and RTA also has some great finance options.

We were fortunate enough to be able to pay for the majority of it as we went along but chose to finance the cabinets. If you have a certain amount of expendable income per month, take that and multiply it by 6. It takes about 6 months to complete a renovation and you can pay for it as you go up front, without having to pull from savings or get in tons of debt.

Good luck!

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