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DIY Wall Art

I have always loved simple DIY's. I saw one a few weeks ago where someone used hot glue to draw a word on a piece of canvas and then sprayed over the entire thing with spray paint. Afterwards, she peeled off the glue, and it left beautiful writing on the canvas. I tried to come up with a cool phrase/word that would be unique, yet short/simple for this type of project and just wasn't happy with any of the ideas I had.

So, naturally, I waited until the last minute and found some scrap wood in the garage. I sprayed my canvases black (because it's my favorite color in home decor obviously) and then had Niko cut the wood into thin strips, angled on one end. The strips of wood were so light, I was able to use my hot glue to attach them to the canvas in a design. I think I was all in this project for about $10! I didn't add any stain/protectant to the wood since it will be hanging indoors, but you could definitely use one or multiple stains to add another element to this fun and simple DIY.

Check out my full video on our YouTube channel

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