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DIY Corner Shelves

I am in LOVE with how these corner shelves turned out. We have a small kitchen and are trying to keep everything clean and streamlined. Our problem was that we had a small, dated bar cart in the corner of our dining room that was overflowing with random k-cups, and other random things...we really needed some organization!

The first step was to install an outlet here for the Keurig. We had someone help with that.

We then cut the wood to fit and used a Kreg Jig Pocket Jig to drill holes so they could be true floating shelves. We drilled directly into studs to have solid support.

We used a Kreg Jig Pocket Jig with 1/4" option since the wood was thin.

I went through a few different stains we had from old projects but everything pulled a lot of yellow in the pine. I ended up using 2 coats of the Minwax water based Polycrylic protective finish. It was perfect!

Niko leveled everything up...

And ta-da! One of my favorite projects to date!

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